Progressive Mowers

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Progressive Turf Equipment has been a leading manufacturer of grass-cutting machinery for professional landscapers, maintenance professionals, golf course owners, and other grounds caretakers. Progressive turf mowers provide excellent results for any size of turf. Contour mowers are perfect for golf courses and parks that have hills and dips, since they can provide a close trim even when climbing up or down.

Progressive turf mowers also are available in conventional styles, with widths ranging from 12’ to 36’ across. This line of mowers includes four options, each with sturdy wheels that keep it firmly on the ground and cutting at a uniform height. Roller mowers are strong and heavy-duty, but they provide a visually appealing striped look to the turf. They are also cheaper to operate and maintain, and they will last for years. If your property has hazardous areas that are difficult or dangerous to mow, check out the remote-controlled Progressive turf mowers. They can mow slopes up to 50 degrees, and you can hold the remote up to 300 feet away from the working mower.

At MST Sod Equipment, we carry a wide selection of these Progressive turf mowers. We are a certified dealer of top brands of turf equipment, so visit our Lakeland, Florida location if you have any questions or you are looking to buy Progressive turf mowers. We provide excellent service and offer a warranty on many of the products that we sell. Our service team also has a wealth of knowledge about the products that we keep in stock.

15' Tri-Deck Roller Mower
22' Tri-Deck Roller Mower
Remote Controlled Mower

Progressive once again has raised the bar in the favor of turf grass producers, offering unmatched productivity on every pass. Read More