LS Compact Tractors

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LS Compact Tractors is part of LS Cable, an engineering company based out of South Korea. They work closely with Mitsubishi, so many of their products resemble the vehicle designs and have similarly built engines. They also build tractors that sell under other brand names around the world. LS Compact Tractors has four different lines, each of which has a set of unique features. The J-Series has a smaller engine and lower horsepower, but can handle larger loads than other tractors of similar size. Tractors from this line are recommended for farms that are 5 acres or smaller.

The G-Series offers excellent value with plenty of standard features at no additional cost. LS Compact Tractors generally recommends this line for farms measuring 5-30 acres in size, and they can provide a substantial amount of outdoor work with minimal effort. The R-Series contains medium to heavy-duty machinery that can tackle and accomplish tough jobs. These tractors are very versatile, so they are useful on horse ranches, large farms, or vineyards. They have premium features at reasonable prices.

The final class of LS Compact Tractors is the XR-Series, which contains top-of-the-line products that boast strong horsepower, better fuel efficiency, and lower emissions than other tractors in similar classes. These tractors are most effective on small ranches, orchards, farms, and vineyards that are approximately 30 acres or less. If you are looking to buy a piece from one of the LS Compact Tractors lines, visit us at MST Sod Equipment in Lakeland, Florida.