22′ Tri-Deck 92 Rotary Mower



Daily maintenance and servicing can be easily performed in the field. The PTO shafts have Ring Lock collars for easy removal and additional safety. All blade spindle assemblies can be easily removed from the deck as a complete unit. The blade spindles are greaseable from the top side of the decks, through lubrication without tools. All mower deck components are totally interchangeable, for easy servicing.


4-Way Gear Box
Wing Lock
Caster Wheel
A nut and lock washer hold assembly together. All spindle assemblies are 2-1/2? x 1-3/4? bolts.

Extra Plates Welded on spindle locations to give additional support. Spindles are greaseable from top side without removing the belt shields. Spindles can be removed form deck without disassembly.

3/16? Steel Deck is formed and welded, with bracing at high stress areas to provide maximum structural strength. Open back discharge allows clippings to be dispersed without bunching up, leaving an after cut appearance, second to none.

Heavy Duty Gear Box, with machined and case hardened gears, transmits power to the mower decks. All PTO shafts have Ring Lock collars instead of pins for additional safety. Oil level dip stick and drain plug allow for easy maintenance.

Automatic Wing Lock system is deactivated from the tractor seat. System control values regulate the lifting and lowering speed of the mower decks. All PTO shafts run at the minimum angle for maximum life expectancy.

Easily Change Blades with all decks in raised position. Automatic safety locks hold all decks in place with the hydraulics disconnected. Anti-scalp rollers are attached on both wing decks.

Excellent Floatation is obtained with 12 large low pressure floatation tires, all staggered, providing minimum soil penetration and compaction. Cutting height adjustment can be simply done by removing lynch pin from top of each castor stem and moving the spacers either above or below support tube as required. Wheel hub and castor pivot are greaseable. Replaceable castor pivot bushings. Six rigid, “In-Line” tires keep mower in place while mowing along hillsides.

Narrow Transport width of 9-1/2 ft is achieved without disconnecting PTO shafts. Radial automotive tires allow mower to be moved conveniently to
distant locations.